Wednesday, June 1, 2011


So my meeting this morning was about attitude. Attitude is everything. An attitude of gratitude. Here is what goes off in my mind when I hear this sh*t...WHATEVER! I know these things, but they still piss me off when I hear them.

So I reflected during the meeting about this feeling. I felt my blood pressure rising and I felt myself getting VERY angry. I didn't want to share because everyone was talking about how great their attitude was and how thankful they were for where they are now and I was afraid of what I might say. So I sat.

I sat until the end of the meeting and listened. I am finding that maybe if I shut up and listen more I might actually get something out of what other people are saying....what a concept, right?

At the end of the meeting I asked if I could share real quick before it was over. God had worked on my heart and given me something of some value to share.

I shared that I had the attitude that I would do anything to stay sober. Including going to three meetings yesterday, and staying for a meeting this morning that had nothing but men in it. It wasn't a men's meeting but that's all that showed up. I was very intimidated when I walked in, but I did it and they were all very nice to me and made me feel welcome, but not too welcome if you know what I mean.

So where I am today is that attitude matters. And if I could find an attitude of gratitude things would be better. And that attitude is everything. Damn those fing cliche's.

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